Space and Defense

Hexcel is a leader in the Space & Defense market, primarily in the manufacture of advanced composites used in commercial helicopters and in military aircraft. We're currently qualified to supply materials to a broad range of more than 100 helicopter, military aircraft and space programs.

Our top 10 programs by revenues represent about 56% of our Space & Defense revenues. Key programs include the V-22 (Osprey) tilt rotor aircraft, A400M military transport, F-35 (joint strike fighter or JSF), Blackhawk, AH-64 Apache, European Fighter Aircraft (Typhoon), S76, C-130, F/A-18E/F (Hornet), CH-53 Super Stallion, and Tiger helicopters. Space applications for advanced composites include solid rocket booster cases, fairings and payload doors for launch vehicles, and buss and solar arrays for military and commercial satellites.

Hexcel also is a leader in producing advanced composites for helicopter blades. Numerous new helicopter programs in development, as well as upgrade or retrofit programs, have an increased reliance on composite materials products such as carbon fiber, prepregs, and honeycomb core to improve blade performance.