Engines & Nacelles

Aircraft engines have evolved to include so many major composite components that carbon fiber epoxy prepregs account for typically half the volume of the entire nacelle structure. The next step for aero engine designers has been to apply composites technology to more complex structures within the engine itself. A new treatment for our honeycomb core called Acousti-Cap® has been proven to quiet jet engine noise more effectively than any competing system and has been specified on the Boeing 787 nacelles. A unique capability to weave carbon on a 45-degree bias helps our customer reduce scrap and our toughest carbon fiber prepreg system won a position for the front fan blade on the new GEnx engine.

Products in Service
  • HexTow® HS ( AS4 ) and IM ( IM7/IM8 ) carbon fibers for high strength and toughness
  • HexPly® 8552 and M21 toughened epoxy prepregs
  • HexPly® 8551-7 high strength, damage-resistant prepreg ideal for fan blades.
  • HexPly® F655/M65 BMI prepregs with long service life at high temperatures
  • HexFlow® RTM6 system for Resin Transfer Molding
  • HexWeb® HRH-36 high performance and low weight aramid paper honeycomb
  • HexWeb® HDC high density core
  • HexWeb® HRP fiberglass/phenolic honeycomb
  • HexWeb® CR-PAA high bond strength honeycomb with corrosion protection.
  • HexWeb® engineered core honeycomb parts supplied to tight dimensional tolerances
  • Redux® high performance temperature-resistant epoxy and HP655 BMI adhesive in film form.
  • HexWeb® Acousti-Cap® broadband noise reducing non-metallic honeycomb.
  • HexPly® M91 ultra high toughness prepreg system
  • HexWeb® Acousti-Cap® aluminum broadband noise reducing honeycomb. A lower cost version of the award-winning non-metallic system.
  • HexFlow® RTM 6-2 – a 2-part version of standard HexFlow® RTM6 for ease of transportation outside Europe.\HexFlow® RTM230 ST. A high toughness epoxy system to meet demanding high speed impact requirements
  • HexMC® carbon fiber molding material – for rapid manufacture of profiled parts in automated production, eg. Guide vane parts
  • HexForce® Bias Weave fabric – a patented weaving process reducing scrap by up to 30%.