Early Career Program

About Hexcel

Hexcel is a global leader in advanced composites technology. We innovate, manufacture and market lightweight, high-performance structural materials for commercial aerospace, space and defense, and industrial markets. Our carbon fiber, honeycomb, adhesives, engineered core and composite structures not only increase strength and durability but also fuel-efficiency through lightweighting – which helps reduce emissions while making aircraft engines quieter.

Early Career Program

Just as our advanced composite materials are the strength within some of the most lightweight, technologically advanced applications in the world, our people are the strength within Hexcel. To maintain our leadership position, we need outstanding talent. It's one reason why we launched the Early Career Program – to give graduates who are starting their careers the opportunity to realize their potential as they help us fulfill our Purpose to propel the future of flight, energy generation, transportation and recreation through excellence in advanced material solutions that create a better world for us all.

When you work at Hexcel, you will create next-generation composite materials that:

  • Send astronauts into space, rovers to Mars, and satellites into orbit;
  • Propel life-saving rescue helicopters;
  • Help athletes earn Olympic medals and golfers to win championships;
  • Make cool cars look even cooler and make fast ships even faster;
  • Fly you anywhere in the world you want to go on an aircraft that is quieter and produces fewer emissions than ever before.

Every day, our engineers, scientists, researchers, and dreamers collaborate on breakthroughs that continue advancing innovation. We welcome you to consider joining this exceptional team.

Be prepared for an exciting career with Hexcel in Integrated Supply Chain (Operations), Sales & Marketing, or Research & Technology. These positions are two-year rotational full-time assignments. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have the opportunity to apply for an off-program position which best matches your qualifications and career goals.


  • A technical degree or equivalent vocational qualification in Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Materials Science, Manufacturing, Industrial, Aerospace), Chemistry or Polymer Science or any other technical related degree is preferred.
  • Any of these degrees plus a MBA is preferred for Sales & Marketing roles.
  • Experience with composite materials is beneficial.
  • Recent graduate or post-graduate at the start of your career; relevant work experience preferred.

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