Airbus Helicopters unveils third H160 prototype with striking carbon livery

Hexcel Corporation is proud to announce the unveiling of the third H160 prototype from Airbus Helicopters, featuring a striking carbon-inspired livery that represents the composite materials Hexcel supplies for the helicopter.

This gesture follows Hexcel’s announcement in June that its reinforcements, prepregs, adhesives and honeycomb materials had been selected for the H160’s composite fuselage structures and main rotor blades. The H160 was designed by Airbus Helicopters to create added-value for customers in terms of performance, economic competitiveness, safety and comfort. The use of Hexcel’s composite materials throughout the structure contributes to the lightweight fuel-saving design and performance optimization.

Airbus Helicopters decided to promote the H160 program and its high carbon fiber content in a way that recalls the livery previously used for the A350 XWB. The A350 XWB has a structure that is 53% composites and Hexcel supplies the carbon fiber prepreg for all of the aircraft’s composite primary structures.

The newly unveiled H160 prototype is a fitting tribute to the 40-year partnership between Hexcel and Airbus Helicopters.

Team photo from left to right : Frederic Devenne (Airbus Helicopters), Yvan Arnaudier (Hexcel), Mathieu Bonnafoux (Hexcel), Gerard Chekherdemian (Hexcel) , Jobst Queckboerner (Hexcel), Matthias Koenig (Airbus Helicopters) / Frederic Bozek (Hexcel) Guillaume Massé (Airbus Helicopters)

Hexcel Corporation is a leading advanced composites company. It develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials including carbon fibers, specialty reinforcements, prepregs and other fiber-reinforced matrix materials, honeycomb, adhesives, engineered core and composite structures for use in commercial aerospace, space and defense and industrial applications.

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