Environmental Commitment

Hexcel is dedicated to conducting all work and business affairs lawfully and with integrity. This principle requires that the Company operate all of its facilities worldwide in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

  • Hexcel meets, and many cases, exceeds compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. When we believe existing laws or regulations are not adequately protective of public health and the environment, Hexcel adopts its own environmental standards, reflecting a higher level of environmental performance.
  • Each facility has an Environmental Management System (EMS) consistent with the Hexcel Environmental Guidance Document which is specific to that facility. The EMS sets out the environmental processes and procedures that the facility follows in order to meet our corporate environmental policy.
  • Hexcel designs, constructs, and operates its facilities in a manner that protects human health and minimizes the impact of its operations on the environment.
  • Hexcel provides ongoing education and training for its employees so that they will be prepared to deal with day-to-day environmental responsibilities, as well as environmental emergencies.
  • Hexcel communicates its commitment to environmental quality to its employees, shareholders, vendors, customers, and to the communities in which it operates. We recognize and respond to the community's questions about its operations.
  • Hexcel regularly assesses and reports to its Board of Directors on the status of its compliance with this policy and with environmental law and regulations. 

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