Hexcel Leicester

Leicester, UK

Leicester is the 10th largest city in England, located on the River Soar at the edge of the English National Forest. Leicester was first recognized as a strategic location by the Romans, and then the Danes, who used it as a central base for controlling the Midlands. Leicester is now a major commercial and manufacturing center with a long history in textile manufacturing that continues at Hexcel Reinforcements UK Limited today.

Hexcel acquired Formax UK Ltd in January 2016 after acquiring a 50% interest in the Leicester company in December 2014.

Hexcel Reinforcements UK is a leading manufacturer of composite reinforcements, specializing in the production of lightweight carbon fiber multiaxials and highly engineered glass fiber and aramid fiber non-crimp fabrics. Hexcel purchased Formax to further advance dry reinforcements technology for future aerospace applications and provide scale for growing industrial markets. 

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Hexcel Reinforcements UK Limited
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