Hexcel’s Andreas Gabor to present the latest film adhesive for high volume hybrid structures at Joining in Car Body Engineering 2017

Automotive Circle’s Joining in Car Body Engineering 2017 conference will be held from April 4-7 in Bad Nauheim, Germany, and will provide a high-level discussion forum for the latest developments in material joining techniques relevant to industrial car body production.

With hybrid components (combining FRP and metal in the same part) becoming increasingly popular in vehicle lightweighting, engineers can now combine the best properties of each material in a single hybrid design. However, traditional bonding techniques for metal and FRP materials in such components have several limitations for high-volume production processes including extensive pre-treatment, time consuming process steps and galvanic isolation. As a result, an alternative joining concept that enables weight optimized complex components to be produced with improved mechanical properties is highly desirable.

In his presentation, “CFRP compatible film adhesive for high volume hybrid structures,” Andreas Gabor will analyze these limitations and describe how Hexcel has developed a new film adhesive - REDUX® 677 - that has been designed specifically to overcome these challenges and deliver an optimized joining technology within high-volume Automotive manufacturing.

Mr Gabor is Hexcel’s Group Leader, Technical Support Automotive and is an expert in advising automotive engineers on the best composite materials for their designs, to establish the most cost-effective weight-saving solution to meet requirements and advise on optimum processing techniques for the best performance. He will present on Tuesday, April 4 at 10 a.m.

For more information about the conference and to download a detailed program please use the link below.



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