Hexcel innovations have supported a wide range of diverse industrial markets over the years: supplying prepreg to meet the demands for the unique TaylorMade bubble shaft golf club; supporting Formula 1 teams with carbon fibers, honeycombs, adhesives and prepregs; enhancing premium brand sports shoes with thermoplastic honeycomb; and introducing the first prepregs for train cabin structures and interiors.

Over the decades Hexcel's industrial prepregs have demonstrated their reliability and durability: HexPly® M10R has provided winning performance over many years in the marine environment, from Americas Cup yachts to submarine structures. HexPly® M49 delivers high performance and outstanding visual finish to many high performance car programs while XF3 surfacing film is Hexcel's solution offering sustainable surface quality for painted body parts.

Hexcel's reinforcements include a wide range of woven and non-woven structures. Primetex® virtually gap-free woven carbon fabrics give outstanding quality and high visual appeal for sports equipment and automotive markets, while HiMax multiaxials have brought efficiency and quality to a variety of applications such as wind turbine blades, luxury boats and performance cars.

Hexcel's HexTow® carbon fibers are widely used in leading brands of sports equipment, in F1 racing cars, performance bikes and competition racing boats. Our unique Intermediate Modulus range is opening new possibilities in the fields of energy and high performance pressure vessels.

Hexcel is committed to providing innovative solutions in the fields of transport, sports equipment, energy generation, machinery and tooling.  

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